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HCR Biotech is a privately held, Canadian based biotechnology company focused on improving the natural delivery capabilities of exosomes, and developing an entirely new class of therapeutics.

Guided by an experienced team in cell biology and the commercialisation of novel drug modalities, HCR's mission is to positively impact human health by creating novel exosome-based therapeutics for the treatment of rare and severe diseases with limited treatment options.

Exosome based drugs have the potential to address some of the limitations of protein, antibody, and nucleic acid-based therapies by enabling delivery to cells and tissues that are currently out of reach using other drug delivery technologies. HCR’s team is working on developing an unparalleled technology platform utilizing Exosomes(Ev’s) derived from Human ubc MSC for therapeutics, cell regeneration, and immune regulators.

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Engineering the natural delivery capabilities of exosomes (EV’s)
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Cultivating our own EVs and designing efficient ways to achieve our target area...

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Engineering the natural delivery capabilities of exosomes (EV’s)